Saturday, June 2, 2012


....and a bottle of Rum!

Legend of Neil

Roll Big!

Night of the Creepers

Tetris Love

Excuuuuuse Me Princess!

There Be Dragons


Cherry Blossoms

2 Girls, 1-Up

Bubble Bobble

Mirror Mirror


Keep it Pip'ing

Birdy Nam Nam

Link to the Past, Present, or Future?

Another Castle

Star Gazing

Nom Nom

Half Shell

One will Rule them All

Wacka Wacka


The Cake is a Lie

Mortal Kombat!

1st Onesie

Eat your Veggies

My first handmade Mario shirt!

Big project in the works. I'm hoping to complete a Mario Brothers screenshot on a tank top. It will be a continuous shot around the front onto the back containing both the underworld and overworld. If I'm feeling up to it I will also include the waterworld. It will be epic and of course one of a kind. Pictures will be up as it is designed. Excited!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Ah, the joys of being a nerd. Double ah, the joys of being a pop culture nerd. I decided to create this blog after participating in a podcast( Mother's Day weekend. I had a glorious time joking around talking about random topics. Yes, I had a geekgasm. This blog is my attempt to induce a geekgasm over and over and over again.